Committed to your health.

We are committed to a simple goal—helping you stay healthy. We are experts in specialty compounding and comprehensive metabolic and wellness consultation.


Our team uses a functional, metabolic approach to integrative medicine so you can achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Our focus is on treating the patient, not the disease. We offer a wide variety of professional grade nutritional supplements to support your wellness needs.


Your compounding team.

Specialty compounding is the practice of a trained pharmacist altering a medication with the approval of the attending physician. This allows pharmacists to remove allergy-triggering dyes, harmful preservatives, or other unpleasant ingredients.

Sometimes, new delivery methods can be developed, like lozenges, lollipops, gummies, dermal gels, or liquid suspensions for patients who cannot swallow pills. Our pharmacists can even add your choice of flavouring.

Pharmacists can also create new formulations to reduce side effects, or to combine different medicines into a single dosage form.

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Dennis Wong


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Dennis Wong’s expertise in pharmaceuticals and Specialty Compounding makes him a leader in the medical industry.

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